What You Need

Life science, technology, and engineering ventures involve many great, innovative ideas, but they share common needs. The Innovation Center is both designed and determined to meet those needs.


The Innovation Center offers 58,000 square feet of purpose-built wet-lab space plus 11,000 square feet of conferences rooms, offices and common areas. Our air handling system is designed specifically for wet-lab operations. Rental structure is low-cost and progressive, benefitting life science companies of all sizes, especially new startups. Further, the Innovation Center is located in a state-designated SmartZone, which provides 100% personal property tax exemption.

You need access to quality lab equipment, systems and services.


Innovation Center clients utilize an array of sophisticated laboratory technology and analytical services. Available equipment includes mass spectrometry systems, centrifuges, autoclaves, flow cytometers, various microscopes, incubators, lyophilizer, upright freezer, standard lab supplies and tools, and much more. Services range from mass spectrometry and histology to quantitative bioanalytical analysis, plus many business support amenities.

You need expertise in scientific research, funding and outreach.

What makes the Innovation Center unique among incubators/accelerators is the depth of scientific and business counsel. The Innovation Center clients use our collaborative environment to share insights and advance the science. the Innovation Center provides on-site business and financial counseling, lab and business training, and links to experts in finance, legal and communication services. Also available are opportunities to collaborate with the WMU Biosciences Research & Commercialization Center.