Tetra Discovery Partners Announces Positive Results from Phase 1 Studies of Cognition Drug Candidate, BPN14770

Tetra Discovery Partners today announced positive results from two Phase 1 studies of its selective PDE4D allosteric inhibitor drug candidate, BPN14770.  The double blind, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging studies were designed primarily to study the safety and pharmacokinetics of single ascending doses and multiple ascending doses of BPN14770 in healthy young and elderly volunteers.  In addition, cognitive benefit was explored in the 45 elderly volunteers (age 60 and older) enrolled in the multiple ascending dose study.  A pooled, post hoc analysis of elderly subjects in the low and mid-dose groups demonstrated a significant improvement measures of working memory. Based on the overall results of these two studies, Tetra Discovery Partners plans to initiate a Phase 2 trial of BPN14770 in patients with Alzheimer’s disease in mid-2017.

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