How You Benefit

Life science, technology, and engineering companies depend upon robust systems, services and expertise. The Innovation Center delivers on all fronts.

Facility Services

  • 58,000 square feet of purpose-built laboratory space—72 individual labs in all
  • 11,000 square feet of offices and meeting space
  • Launch MI Lab: Affordable wet-lab and bench space for short-term use by bioscience companies of all sizes, scientific instrumentation, analytical services and consulting
  • Comprehensive list of amenities with every lease

Scientific and Analytical Services

  • Proteomics: Protein identification from gel bands or solution; protein profiling 1D or 2D (5 or 10 Fraction); protein PTM analysis by peptide mapping; protein molecular weight by LC-MS; non-covalent protein analysis
  • Metabolomics: Global profiling-accurate mass LC-MS; custom chromatography for different class compounds; multivariate statistical analysis
  • Quantitative Bioanalytical Analysis: Fit-for-purpose analyte quantification; DMPK, ADMET, formulation analysis; expert sample processing
  • General MS Analysis (Rapid Turn-Around): Accurate mass measurement <10ppm error; intact protein molecular weight; peptide/compound LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, LC-MSN; walk-up LC-MS/DAD UV
  • Assay Development and Consulting: Extensive assay development experience; consulting on project and experimental design; expert sample handling; custom data analysis

Financial Support

The Innovation Center’s team of professionals and its network of contacts will work with you to secure the financial support you need for your business. Some of the options available:


  • Lease includes all utilities
  • On-site HVAC and maintenance
  • High-speed wireless Internet
  • VOIP telephone service
  • A/V equipment
  • Access to scientific equipment and supplies
  • Procurement assistance
  • Common business equipment
  • Locking USPS mailboxes and mailing address
  • Front office/reception
  • Event planning
  • Packaging/receiving
  • Free parking
  • Fully secured building

Additional Advantages

  • Innovation Center staff and clients with many decades of experience in life sciences and business
  • Unparalleled success rate among Innovation Center client companies, exceeding 90 percent, and a proven track record, with 35 patents and more than $100 million leveraged by the Innovation Center and client companies since 2003
  • On-site business and financial counseling, along with links to financial, legal and communication services
  • Exceptional quality of life in the greater Kalamazoo community, including a rich and diverse culture, excellent residential opportunities, strong schools and the nationally acclaimed Kalamazoo Promise college tuition program